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inky sue CHICAGO

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inky sue CHICAGO was born out of a desire to bring together the best and most unique elements of old and new, innovation and tradition, form and function, and to do it all with loving care. All  inky sue creations are a result of Ingrid's passion for design as well as her focus on craft, which ensures that  all inky sue  products are durably constructed,  stylish, fun, & unique. We hope that you have a long and enjoyable relationship with our handbags.

inky sue CHICAGO

Every purse and bag designed by inky sue is custom made to the specific guidelines of the buyer. All inky sue CHICAGO handbags are original designs.

In many instances, handbags can be made to order and customized to suit your individual needs.

inky sue CHICAGO

We hope you enjoy your new inky sue CHICAGO bag as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you. Remember us for birthdays and holidays as it grows harder and harder these days to come up with new and unique gift ideas. We can custom-tailor a bag to match your pickiest friend or relative! Also a great idea for bridesmaid gifts...


The great city of Chicago serves as a fantastic backdrop providing terrific ideas and versatile places to find new fabric choices. Living in the city continues to be a rewarding experience.


inky sue CHICAGO* 1927 W. Berenice Avenue #1 * Chicago * Illinois * 60613 * (773) 472-0314 *